Multimedia - R.O.B. vs R.O.B.

R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy) is a registered trademark of Nintendo Co., Ltd.

R.O.B. Vs. R.O.B. was a very involved project that I began by trying to recreate the Nintendo robot. By using many different modeling techniques I modeled out the various parts of the R.O.B. unit. I recreated the logo to match what is actually on a R.O.B unit, as well as the rear on/off switch. After R.O.B. was finished and textured I added controls to move his head up and down, his shoulders to move up or down, and the centerpiece to pivot left or right (which would pivot the shoulders with it). Once it was created and textured I modified R.O.B. into smaller versions and assembled the various chess pieces onto different translucent copies.

R.O.B. took roughly 50 hours to recreate over the course of about 2 weeks.

Screenshot Samples