Multimedia - Audio Production
Samples of work included below
Audio Production

This project was created in an effort to mix real audio with Midi generated components. Each component of "real" audio was recorded in a studio environment, while the MIDI generated accompaniment was produced later on.

Aluminum Shuffle

This is a live audio recording of a piece that I co-wrote, and performed alongside two of my fellow classmates. The point of this piece was to infuse a form of live rock music with technology. Technology being both pre-recorded looped sound clips and live synthesized musical instruments. Our goal was to create a mix of sounds and see how people reacted to it. From that we were also trying to see how much of the reaction we could influence by using the synthesized music.

The result was relatively varied, a lot of opinions seemed to factor around how close or how far some were from the speakers.

This is a collection of music that I arranged. These were produced for various reasons and because of that, they don't necessarily have a typical "song structure". Few were used multiple times as background music for various projects. These pieces were created using loops and MIDI, with some tweaking here and there.