One question I get asked a lot, is "where are you located?".

Over the course of my life, I’ve had the privilege of not only traveling around the globe, but also living in various parts of the country. Having grown up in Portland Oregon, getting my undergrad in Minnesota, moving back to Portland and eventually relocating to Northwest Ohio; I’ve gained a lot of unique knowledge from big city living to life on the farm.

I was in Fargo-Moorhead during their great flood of 2008-2009. Then working at KOIN during the Portland Occupy Movement. I had the pleasure of interacting with the protesters everyday for the duration of their protest along with discussions with local and federal officers about the situation.

My wife and I have now settled in the Northwest Ohio area where I’ve been able to bring my unique outside experiences into my day to day work. This has given me the incredible ability to put new and creatively different spins on various projects.

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